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No Contracts!
*Our Limited program is $89 a month*

*Full Program is $129 a month*
*See below for
Family discount rates*



Limited- 1 group class a week.  Per the schedule, pick the day that best fits your schedule. Available to both children & Adults.
Full- 2 group classes a week. Available to both children & adults. During the school year children come to 2 group classes a week. During the summer, they may come to 3.
Unlimited- 3 + classes a week. Available only to Adults.



(Check Schedule for Availability)
One 30 minute personal - $40
One Hour personal - $60


Tai Chi & QIGONG

1- 45 minute class per week-$90 Monthly

$20 Walk-In ($10 for first class)


First family member- regular price $129
Second family member- 25% off $97
Third family member- 40% off $50
Forth family member- 80% off $25

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